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Preventative Dentistry


This includes far more than just cleaning your teeth. It is a thorough patient examination covering pre-existing conditions, gum health, oral screenings, and a diagnostic exam to guarantee optimal oral health. We study each tooth as if it's our own because the mouth is often the first indicator of other ailments. 


Our holistic focus enhances our goals ~ identify any changes in our patient’s health, both in the mouth and body, and work with each patient to develop a unique and affective treatment plan.

Comprehensive Oral Exams


A hygienist will offer a full demonstration of the proper techniques for brushing, flossing, and using a tongue scraper. Describing toothbrush styles, types of toothpaste and mouth wash that are best suited for you and your best health.


If you have questions about herbal home care products, ask the hygienist for recommendations.

Home Dental Care 

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Periodontal deep cleanings are indicated when gum pockets (periodontal pockets) are 4mm or deeper.  Since brushing and flossing can only reach gum pockets up to 3mm, a deeper type of cleaning is needed using longer instruments that can reach the hidden plaque, tartar and bacterial biofilm.  The teeth and gums are then cleansed using an ultrasonic Cavitron scaler that flushes the bacteria out of the gums.

Deep Cleanings


Professional dental cleanings are an essential part of preventative dentistry and important to maintaining good oral health while deterring potentially serious dental problems.

We customize each cleaning based on your individual needs, oral pH, and pocket depth. We use safe materials and gentle methods to clean teeth, removing tartar and plaque buildup without damaging teeth and gums. Our goal is to prevent gum disease and bad breath.

Dental Cleanings

Dental Cleanings


During an oral cancer screening exam, your dentist carefully looks at the inside of your mouth checking for red areas, white patches, or sores. Using gloved hands, your dentist also gently feels the tissues inside your mouth to check for lumps or other abnormalities. Your dentist may also examine your throat and the area around your neck for lumps.

Dental Cleanings

Oral Cancer Screenings


"As a Licensed Clinical Psychologist, people are my specialty. I was fortunate to be assigned to Dr. Jacqueline Lucero because she not only brought her experience of ten years as a Registered Dental Hygienist but also a sensitivity to the human being she was treating. White Coat Hypertension was an issue for me during the years. All previous dental providers were in such an emotional/ personal state that their "vibes" affected me as the patient whether they knew it or not. It was Dr. Lucero’s experience and personality that alleviated my WCH which continued to decrease with each subsequent visit. My BP readings reached the normal range and were never the issue that it had been previously.


My ease in partnering with Dr. Lucero contributed to the successful experience I had. It facilitated provider-patient communication. Her ability to give information about the dental issue as well as the procedure to be utilized were clear, free of jargon, and repeated if necessary."


~ Dr. Gerald F. Paone

Checking X-Rays



We use the latest technology to really see inside your mouth. Digital radiography is a type of X-ray imaging that uses digital X-ray sensors to replace traditional photographic X-ray film, producing an enhanced computer images of teeth, gums, and other oral structures and conditions.

X-Rays are a gentle easy way for your dentist to completely understand all the is happening with your teeth.

Digital Radiographs


Gum Exam


A periodontal exam is a thorough screening of your overall gum health. Your dentist or hygienist measures the space between the gum line and your tooth structure. At the top of the gum line there are spaces. Healthy gum pockets measure 3mm or less. At that size they are able to be cleaned properly using a toothbrush and floss leaving them healthy. Pockets that are larger can hold onto harmful bacteria that cause periodontal disease. Your dentist can ensure that any sign of disease is quickly addressed.


Periodontal disease has been linked to cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, respiratory diseases, cancer and diabetes. 

Periodontal Exam

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